Quality control

Years of experience and qualified inspectors enable us to ensure a very high-quality product. We are also affiliated with the Flower Bulbs Quality Foundation Holland (SKBH), MPS and we are BIO/SKAL certified.




Quality mark
The Flower Bulbs Quality Foundation Holland (SKBH):
The quality mark that guarantees the best quality of your flower  bulbs and perennials!

With the purchase of flower bulbs and perennials, you buy the promise that these products will bloom. After planting, you will need a few months of patience before you can enjoy the flowering. The Flower Bulbs Quality Foundation Holland (SKBH) was created to offer a 100% guarantee that this blooming promise will come true.  

Since 1993, the Flower Bulbs Quality Foundation Holland (SKBH) has set the standard for quality-guaranteed flower bulbs and perennials, based on the interests of the consumer. The organization consists of people from the industry with product-technical knowledge and great love for the profession. Their goal is to offer consumers the finest quality. The participants of the SKBH are trading companies that sell their products to the retail industry (for example garden centres and DIY stores, but also via mail order companies directly to the consumer) domestically and abroad. 


The certification organisation employs inspectors from the independent inspection service for flower bulbs, BQ Support. They keep an eye on the quality of the bulbs during the entire processing and packaging process. As a result, 100% quality guarantee can be given. 

Our flower bulbs and perennials can be recognized from the quality mark logo on the packaging!

The quality mark offers you the following benefits:


  • It guarantees that - if you stick to the plant instructions on the packaging - the bulbs and perennials will flower optimally
  • You can be sure that the products are healthy and of excellent quality
  • You will buy flower bulbs and perennials of the right variety, color and size (as stated on the packaging)
  • You will buy flower bulbs and perennials with a quality guarantee.

MPS / Florimark Good Trade Practice


Being part of society and fulfilling a role as a sustainable, progressive company with a social touch is in our mission statement. Participation in MPS Good Trade Practice fits in seamlessly with this. 

Consumers increasingly opt for a fair product that is cultivated with respect for people and the environment, which is quite understandable. To this end, MPS develops and manages certificates. These certificates give a retailer insight into how sustainably a bunch of tomatoes or flower bulbs are grown, but also how socially oriented an organization is. In this way, you also contribute to a better world.

Law and regulations 

A certified product gives you clarity about the origin, but also helps raise the profile of the horticultural sector. Among consumers, but also with regard to the government. MPS regularly provides the government with valuable information about the floricultural, flower bulb, tree nursery, fruit and vegetable sector. This is to ensure that laws and regulations are well attuned to each other.


Our future 

Sustainable organizations are the future. Our future. Particularly in a sector where you work with living products, it is important to be able to rely on your supplier. Growers with a certificate are happy to go out of their way for you. Together with MPS, they can better define the requirements of a sustainable business.

Organically grown flower bulbs


Organically grown flower bulbs have been a regular part of our range for years. 


Organic flower bulbs can be recognized by the quality mark for organic products. These flower bulbs are produced organically. This means that no artificial fertilizers, chemical crop protection agents and pesticides are used. The organic farming standards that are applied to the cultivation of organic flower bulbs are based on the preservation of the environment, nature and landscape and take effect throughout the European Union.

Organic flower bulbs are monitored by Skal Biocontrole. The European government determines the rules, certified organic entrepreneurs adhere to them and Skal Biocontrole monitors this on behalf of the Ministry of European Affairs. This way you can be assured that organic bulbs are indeed organic.


The entire chain of organic flower bulbs must be certified. This means that all organizations that produce, process, pack, import, trade and store the flower bulbs meet the organic requirements. 

A company that is part of society, sustainable and progressive with a social touch. 


As a supplier of flower bulbs and other plant varieties, Florex wishes to radiate a high-quality product image. At all times, the organization strives for satisfied customers, safe working conditions and a responsible environmental policy.

In order to realize this, Florex has set up a business system in which all critical moments in the areas of quality, safety, health, well-being and the environment are guaranteed and verified by an independent party.

The system ensures that all agreements made with customers can be fulfilled and the safety, health and well-being of our employees, visitors and customers is guaranteed in such a way.

An important aspect of the system is that continuous systematic efforts are being made for improving quality, safety, health, welfare and environment, as well as the prevention of environmental impact. These improvements can be initiated as a result of customer assessments, a good internal consultation structure and periodic internal audits.

Florex will make every effort to comply with applicable laws and regulations and, where necessary, take measures to prevent deviations.

Florex has focused its policy on the least possible environmental impact in the execution of its activities, while waste of resources is reduced to a minimum.

Our company strives to use raw materials and non-renewable energy as efficiently as possible. Wherever possible, raw materials and packaging are used which can be reused. When this is not possible, attempts are made to use raw materials and packaging that can be more easily degraded in the environment.

The amount of waste is limited as much as possible in all activities and business developments. Within our company too, the waste is separated as much as possible so that it can be processed in a more environmentally-friendly way.

When working with suppliers and during shipments, a great deal of attention is paid to the maximum efficiency when using means of transport. This in order to minimize the environmental impact of the means of transport. We will also ensure to a greater extent that our suppliers behave in a socially responsible manner as well. 

Our responsibility.
To act consciously and professionally.